Currently we have 3 potters in the gallery.

  • Brian Buckland from Portland Maine, graduate of Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH-2012.  Brian specializes in wheel-thrown pottery and teaches in York & Portland, ME. 
  • Adrian Potter also from Portland Maine, after graduating from the Maine College of Art in 2012 he moved to North Carolina where he worked with renowned potter, Mark Hewitt. There he learned the art of creating high-quality functional pottery.  He also learned how to work with a wood fire and salt kilns. 
  • Lynne Puhalla from N. Attelboro, MA.  With degrees in both design and sculpture, she loves working and experimenting with the use of form, shape and texture. She also has a passion for weaving and basketry. Lynne loves to incorporate pieces of vines, flowers and leaves in her pottery that grow from her English style garden!

Each artisan has a very distinctive style and personality in their work.